Configurable QR-Codes


The QwikLog stickers and tags feature a QR code, which is a square-shaped pattern. Use a smartphone with a QR or barcode reader app to scan and decode them. QwikLog QR stickers and tags are configurable to display a text or picture or to forward to a specific web page. First time users are considered the owner and can configure the text or picture displayed or the forwarding mechanism used.

Use QwikLog QR stickers for

To use QwikLogs:

1 Get QwikLogs

You can buy high-quality, long-lasting QwikLog stickers or aluminium tags from selected distributors of CacheZone products.

2 Activate QwikLogs

Enter the code into this website and enter the configuration for this QwikLog.

3 Place QwikLogs

Put the activated QwikLog where you want to place it.